Fundraiser Information

4 Great Reasons to Raise Funds with Us

#1 Solid Profit                                                                                                     

Past fundraisers have received up to $7000 in profit from one fundraising event. Our Beef is sold all over Ontario and is well known for its great taste. Local beef makes selling easy. Small or large groups welcome.

#2 Easy to Manage

We have developed an easy to follow fundraising program and will walk you through the steps. We deliver to your specified location in a refrigerated truck.

#3 Trusted and Reputable Company

We have been providing a premium, quality product since 2003. We have received numerous awards in the past 8 years and food safety is a top priority for our company. We are a HACCP certified plant. All beef is AA – AAA. West Grey Premium Beef is inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

#4 Excellent Service & Support

We offer full customer service from the start of your fundraiser until the very end.  We value your time with quick answers, correct shipments and friendly, helpful service.

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